FB DeskWake Up Frank, Wake Up NOW

Wake up before it is too late Frank, your most favoured Minister is on a rampage to satisfy his addiction to power and greed. You have allowed him too much rope Frank, he has already driven a wedge between yourself and your former supporters, indeed even your comrades in arms are appalled by the latest maneuvers of this Minister.

Your hatchet man is no longer satisfied with crumbs from the table, he wants the whole cake, and the truth is he already has most of it.

People are saying you are no longer in control Frank, they are saying that your most favoured Minister is running Fiji. making all the decisions and they no longer feel that they can vote for you if there is an election… Frank please wake up.

People are saying that your most favoured Minister is a cold, calculating, compassionless vindictive individual, who is handing out special favours to his friends at the expense of the nation, they are saying this man will bring you down because you continue to allow him to manipulate you…… Frank please, please wake up.

Look to history Frank, Caesar trusted Brutus above all others and Brutus lured him to his death.

Caesar should have listened to his wife, for she begged him not to go when Brutus called.

Please wake up Frank, there is still much that needs to be done, there is still much you must do for Fiji….