ASK 3Can it be true, has this man really taken total control of Fiji? He has certainly managed to place all his friends and confidants in positions of power, which gives him an extreme level of control.

It is said his office drafted the replacement constitution and ensured it gave him virtually unlimited power.

It is said he has at least 50% of the media constantly promoting him, which equates to him promoting himself.

It is said he cleverly manages a schedule for the Prime Minister which ensures Frank is constantly out of Fiji, thereby allowing his office to have total control over 14 Ministerial portfolios.

It is said he is allowed total control over government (tax payer) owned organizations/bodies; also in breach of corporate laws and standards has not published the annual accounts of Air Pacific for the past three years.

It is said he has put severe constraints on the “Rule of Law” in Fiji, due to all the decrees he has promulgated.

It is said that his greed for power and money will result in the downfall of the current government should there ever be free and fair elections.