fijiflagwavingOnce again we have government vehicle GP 256, driving down Bau Street this morning at approximately 10.00 AM (4/7/13) at great speed, so that we other road users had to literally veer off the road whilst he screamed down it, blinking lights, tinted windows and all!

I have complained previously on 12/4/13 about the driver of this same vehicle, doing exactly the same thing down the same road at approximately the same time.

I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is, or who the hell the ‘important’ person he is driving for thinks he is, but it is high time something was done about both of them, before someone gets hurt or killed.  

He and his passenger also need to be reminded that the vehicle he continues to drive so recklessly and so dangerously, without consideration or thought for other road users is paid for by  us, the taxpayers.  As well, his salary as well as the salary of his ‘important’ passenger is also paid for by us, the taxpayers.  Just in case their heads are so swollen, they have forgotten!

Talei Burness