IN a long article (FT 17/12), Shauna Tomkins and Geoff Rashbrook, consultants to the Fiji National Provident Fund, say that statements continue to be made about the FNPF reforms that are simply untrue.

The duo went on to make many claims.

One of these denies that the FNPF has contracts with existing pensioners.

Ms Tomkins may have forgotten that she is a party to a report to the FNPF which acknowledged that contracts are in place.

In fact she recommended that the FNPF should allocate funds to meet the payments promised under the existing contracts.

Many of the pensioners now facing a major reduction in their income argued strongly that the FNPF is breaking their contract.

Clearly this is a matter for the courts to decide except that pensioners have been denied their fundamental right to seek legal redress. This is an act of discrimination against them.

Ms Tomkins should explain why she has associated herself with such an injustice.

The article has a crucial disclaimer. It indicates that the comments by Ms Tomkins and Mr Rashbrook are opinions not intended as legal or financial advice.