Missing in Lack of Action

No Notification of delays, no apologies and no vouchers. FTHF Dave has done it again, after the Sydney Nadi flight suffered delays, the flight departure of the Air Pacific flight to LA Sunday night was delayed by nearly 3 hours, but passengers were not notified and as a result they checked in on time and had to spend long boring hours in the departure lounge while Fast Talking High Flying Dave was still parading in front of his mirror in the Kings New Clothes, with no worries about his passengers missing their connecting flights from LAX.

Look out FTHF Dave, the PER is being lifted from the 7th January and the press might, just might, find the balls to tell the truth about how successful your management decisions and techniques are proving to be.
If FTHF Dave is not held to account, who is ??????????, the Air Pacific board who appointed him ??