The Fiji Times, Sunday January 1st 2012 page 21. Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka apologises to the peoples of Fiji in a large paid advertisement. 

Without a doubt that would have got a lot of people talking once they’d recovered from their midnight revelling. 

As the man says, it is not new, he’s done it before. But this time it is…a formal and more comprehensive public statement…that Sitiveni hopes will make history…for all time. 

As if the man hasn’t already made history! 2 coups, charging into parliament, shut-down-Sundays, curfews, and a much publicised extramarital affaire should be history-making enough, one might think. 

So what is this all about? Pssst! most likely more history-making! The clue lies in the ultimate paragraph…My road to redemption is difficult and not yet complete…

So is he planning a carefully orchestrated comeback? Is he aiming at a return to politics? Does he have his eye on a cosy seat in the house?

Is Sitiveni planning to complete his redemption by way of an about-face and the virtual undoing of his tragedy of 1987?

What better way than to set in motion a ‘mea culpa’ campaign’, secure a swathe of votes, gain a seat, and then tell the world he is not only forgiven, but wanted, needed and even loved?

Well, give it a go, Siti! And seeing as you lost your pension, maybe, when you have gained the right to earn another for yourself, you might, perhaps, remember the rest of us who are losing theirs. Of course, we didn’t lose out ‘your way’ – we worked for ours, but…

Sega na leqa!