Frank this was 4 years ago, Your party won because of the high volume of votes 279 received,,   Get ready to drop votes and seats Frank, there are a lot of unhappy voters.SAM_2548Only FIVE months to go to the election and its almost too late for you to jettison the massive handicap you are carrying.

A handicap that you gave yourself, by giving one individual too much power, the handicap of the resulting lack of transparency, cronyism and corruption. It is all around you Frank, you MUST be able to see it. 

Those that want you to continue in power are appalled that you ignore it. Those that want to replace you are rubbing their hands in glee.

There is no doubt that you will get many supporters willing to sign when your Blue Bus travels the country, but on polling day Frank it could well be a different story unless you put your own house in order.

You created these problems Frank and there are still a great many people who are waiting to see if you are big enough to sort it out.

Time to stop listening to bullshit Frank, time to sit down with the men you trusted in 2006 (some of who you have discarded) and listen to what they have to say, chances are you might not like to hear it, but it could help you win the forthcoming election.

Everyone now knows who is presently making all the rules in Fiji Frank, and it is not you.