Remember when you sold the Government Printery did you or the M O E not have the foresight to ensure that textbooks would be available for our Nations Schools. ?

Now you will be in your element terrorising all and sundry in the lower ranks of the M O E with the threat of your favourite personal guard dog… FICAC.

Check it out at the following link

The following comment from Fijileaks ( sums the fiasco up perfectly::

More AG excuses confirming his incompetence to manage anything at all (Wake up Fiji, haven’t heard this all before with the delays in Free Milk, Free Water, Free Medicines!). How on earth does the international community in Fiji respect themselves for allowing an idiotic AG to control a nation? Never mind, momentary lapse. The international community is getting rich off the idiot, that’s why.

Meanwhile, a Minister of Finance goes after low level employees when the responsibility to know EVERYTHING about its Ministry should reside with the Minister. (BTW, shouldn’t the Minister of Finance also provide answers to the missing $100M?). What is the point of taxpayer moneys funding these incompetent public officials who are only costing the people more money and headaches? Wake up Fiji. this is more than enough justification for ‘No competence’ vote. If only you knew how to do it.

Meanwhile, can the Minister of Finance explain if he will now also report himself and the Roads team to FICAC for investigation of no tenders, delays in delivery, and recommendations to ‘same companies that were used last year and who also caused delays.’ What about your former Neil Sharma? or your current Bhatnagar?  Will you be reporting MoH workers for its leadership incompetence in overseeing drugs under your Free Medicine scheme is ordered on time? Is that another Procurement dept also at fault? Pathetic situation. A deluded country being led by a Suva filled with incompetent, arrogant and opportunistic ‘new Fijians’ while the rest of the country is too ignorant or paralysed to react.