As did the Attorney General when he used the FNFP premise that the average age at death of Fiji Pensioners would be 78 to justify introducing Decree 51 to breach pensioners existing contracts and prevent them appealing to the Courts for justice.

The man, if one can call him that, has no shame, just self aggrandisement. 

BSP Life has collated data from a number of organisations which reveals that only 8% of Fiji’s population is aged beyond 60 years.

This is based on the Fiji Bureau of Statistics census report in 2007 which also states that only 17% of the population is aged beyond 50 years.

Only 3% of the population is over 70 years.

BSP Life has also revealed that according to a UN study on Fiji in relation to insurance in 2010, it has been found that people are using insurance as the last resort to cope with risks.

The study further highlights that premature deaths and sickness has a major impact on people’s savings.

BSP Life has also incorporated the Ministry of Health statistics on the impact of non-communicable diseases where it has been highlighted that people who are in their prime and are in senior positions with good salaries are dying when they should be most productive.

Heart disease, diabetes and stroke are the three biggest killer diseases in Fiji.