GatesThe Chief Justice Anthony Gates said he believes there will be a full set of rights in Fiji in time but he says people who are calling for judges and magistrates to resign should know that the courts need to remain open to hear cases. . 

Chief Justice Gates made the comments after recent criticisms from the International Bar Association.

While speaking in a mediation workshop, he stressed that it is important to carry out the important work of the judiciary and they should not have to walk away just because of criticisms from some organizations.

We ask when will that be Anthony Gates?, after all the current Fiji Pensioners are dead and buried; is that when their case will be heard in the Fiji courts ?

By “Full set of rights” do you mean Basic Civil Rights and the right to be heard by a fully independent and totally impartial judiciary?

It is easy for you to talk the talk now, but posterity and your peers will surely judge you for what you failed to do, which will be infamous , unlike your Chandrika Prasad ruling made in a fully independent impartial court.

The path to infamy is a very slippery slope indeed, and unfortunately it appears you could be heading that way. Only time will tell…