767-400erAN aviation expert I am not, nor obviously am I privy to the “deal” that was struck with Airbus, but one of the main selling points of the A330 was its alleged superior fuel economy against similar aircraft.

Some interesting points on fuel economy come up with the A330 versus a competitor, the Boeing 767-400ER.

With exactly the same seating configurations and similar numbers of passengers, the 767-400ER has much better fuel economy.

It burns 4.25gallons/ mile at cruise, 0.0173 gallons/ passenger mile compared to 5.44 gallons/ mile, .0215 gallons/ passenger mile for the A330.

Considering the distances that Fiji Airways intends to fly its aircraft, this will make a significant cost difference.

If the 767 had been chosen this would have left Fiji Airways with an all-Boeing fleet, another major costing advantage.

Perhaps the lower range of the 767 was the determining factor.