The following letter was released to the public via Coup 4.5 web site. The question is, could it be true.

The good Colonel concerned reports directly to the Attorney General who is the Minister responsible for anti corruption efforts in Fiji. Why has the AG not made a statement, or taken any action ?, could it be that corruption is acceptable at certain levels of the administration, that is FICAC and above, or is it something much more sinister ??

Dear C4.5

The observance of the recent International Anti-Corruption by the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption is something to be proud of and appreciated especially when its head, the demure Deputy Commissioner Colonel George Langman is the one leading the way in highlighting, investigating and actively pursuing those alleged to have committed corrupt practices within the civil service.

Now what about the $25,000.00 taken by Deputy Commissioner Colonel George Langman from the FICAC kit for his personal use when he travelled to Hong Kong in the not-too-distant past for a Conference organized by FICAC’s counterpart? Did he not use the $25,000.00 for personal expenses incurred before, during and after attending the Hong Kong 7’s tournament? And did he not hide the use of State monies thereafter so much so that not a whiff of this misdemeanor has ever gone out of the FICAC offices? And did not the Honorable Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama know about this misuse of public funds and yet kept the facts all under wraps?

The brave young lad who raised the issue with Deputy Commissioner Colonel George Langman of the blatant misuse of State funds was sacked on the spot but he was not to be out-done and reported the matter personally to the Honorable Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama who, in trying to protect his appointee at the FICAC, instead transferred the brave young whistle blower to the Ministry of Information where he now works quietly with the secret of what happened in FICAC firmly tucked away and forgotten.

Perhaps beginning in Jerusalem is relevant after all.

A concerned citizen.