How have things come to this ?, did Frank not bother to read the Ernst & Young Report or did Tappoos friend keep that from him as well ?.

By giving his personal support to this venture he is letting down all the people who believed he was against corruption and incompetence in all its forms.

Perhaps he no longer cares, perhaps there is a plan to give an amnesty for corrupt practice to a select few, or could it be that the shoppers discount and gifts offered are irresistible.

It was once said of one politician that “He would officially open a toilet door if the money was enough” We really hope Frank is not going down that road, we who trusted him and put our faith in him are beginning to think we were made fools of.

To give Frank and Pensioners the opportunity to judge for themselves, click on the following link for an extract of the relevant report
FNPF Penina Tappoo