IS IT TRUE, that you have made so many flight crew redundant you now do not have enough crew for domestic schedules to run on time ?

IS IT TRUE, that due to charter costs, hotel costs, shortage of flight crews and disrupted international schedules Air Pacific under your mismanagement made a loss of TWENTY ONE MILLION Dollars during the peak income periods of December and January. Was it December , January, both or neither, or is it a loss being carried forward to the next financial year to further confuse matters?

IS IT TRUE, You used the refund from Boeing for cancelled aircraft, to mislead the public of Fiji about losses you made last year.?

IS IT TRUE, that you are desperately seeking to employ a operations manager you can pass the blame for all your mismanagement to.?

IS IT TRUE, that Frank finally realised that you are not the man for the job you were given, but you have been saved by your Minister from being placed in the ejection seat.

IS IT TRUE, we the pensioners of Fiji have no chance of ever getting our FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS BACK ? Is it also true Air Pacific are currently in a dire financial position, thanks to your non performance ?