Dave the Destroyer  like the airline he is systematically destroying has been stretched too far.

Ask the passengers who were not told of the delay of their flight to Melbourne and 12 hours later were flown to Brisbane, they will NEVER fly with Air Pacific again. Ask the locals who now make bookings on Pacific Blue instead of Air Pacific because the local airline is so unreliable.

What will happen when, under the recommendations of Bob Carr, Australia lifts its travel bans. Will we see the top guns sitting around the airport for hours? or days?. Of course not , it will not be tolerated.

Why then does government continue to allow visitors who are so important to our economy to be treated in this manner.

FTHF Dave publicly claimed the credit for increased visitors in 2011, (which in fact was attributable to the monies spent by government and the tourism sector promotions) will he accept the blame for the decrease in 2012.

FNPF did not carry out due diligence of Air Pacific or its management before GIVING them $400 million of pensioners money.

Frank has been FOOLED, he has been led to believe new Airbus aircraft will solve the problems, they will not, they may even increase them, if Dave the Destroyer is still in charge.

Aircraft Don’t Run an Airline Frank, management does, its all about GOOD management.

PLEASE Frank, Please give the pensioners back their four hundred million dollars.