Dear Fiji Pensioners

The last thing the malicious muppet style management of FNPF wish to be is fair. What they do is make up new rules as they go along. Less than two weeks ago I was told that because my wife was more than 7 years younger than myself I would now get a joint pension of 12.1% of my original collateral sum, and when I die my wife would receive a pension relevant to her age at the time of my death. This seemed realistic based on the new pension rules.

Later when I went to the FNPF Namaka office with all the required documentation to sign for a joint pension, I was then told that due to my wife being more than seven years younger than myself my pension which under the new system had been reduced from 16.6% of my residual sum to 12.1% was now (due to my wife’s age) to be further reduced to 9.3% which equates to a 44% reduction of my current pension and is the equivalent of the new pension rate for a person who is ten years younger than me on a joint pension.

This was so obscene and unfair I sought an explanation and documentation detailing this new policy from FNPF Suva ( the Namaka FNPF staff said they had explicit instructions from Suva not to give any details in writing), I was later advised by Suva that my query had been referred to the FNPF Prime Division, who clearly are not primed for action since they have not yet responded, or perhaps it takes time to print a new amended set of rules and regulations to filch more from us of what is now a very meager pension.

As the FNPF advertisements state, time is running out, but they continue to create delays.

Everyone in the country should sign your petition to the Prime Minister, because everyone’s future is at stake here, even though a great many do not realise it.

R T Rickman

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