A non government organisation, Fiji Council of Social Services/Help Age Centre is calling on the government to extend the dead line to May for pensioners wishing to reach FNPF centres to discuss their options and to continue the payment according to the old system.

The Executive Director Hassan Khan said that the deadline which is 29th of this month should be extended to 31st May 2012 as flooding and extremely bad weather conditions have restricted the movements of older persons including the pensioners.

He said there is rush to get the papers in order before the deadline and there are many pensioners required to wait in long lines in the various FNPF centres which is bad for the health of both the FNPF staff and the pensioners, who are not able to wait in long lines due to ill health.  

He said there many pensioners on wheel chairs as well.

Khan said many pensioners are facing extra financial burden as they are required to make several trips to get their papers right and to avoid the long wait. 

He said it would also be a good idea for the FNPF to have JPs on hand to avoid the extra running around by the pensioner’s who are not aware of the JPs.

He said that the Fiji Pensioners Association had already called for such an extension and he hopes the request will be seriously considered.

GreyPower Comment = Wishful thinking