It has been said a progressive society educates its young and cares for its elderly.

Whilst the current administration is working at excelling in the education of the young, it is virtually propelling the elderly into poverty.

Since there is no State pension of any consequence and the FNPF is failing its members by not planning adequate pensions for either now or for the future, the government should give favourable consideration to assisting pensioners in other ways. 

They could:

  1. Allow pensioners a 50% discount on water bills, or allow free water.
  2. Allow pensioners a 50% discount on power bills
  3. Allow pensioners 50% discount on all TFL calls (big FNPF shareholding here)

Also given that  $400.000.000 has been gifted to Air Pacific as an unsecured loan by the FNPF of pensioners funds, pensioners could be given a 50% discount on all air travel in return for funding the airline.

They could, but will they ? What do you think?.

 Rick Rickman