Nice looking aircraft on your desk Dave, but there are none meeting schedules in the Sky.

The flight to Sydney did not leave on Sunday, it was delayed until Monday, now it has been delayed until Tuesday morning at 3 am, is this the final delay for that flight Dave, and do you know the answer ?

No one is telling the truth about the old 747-400 stuck in the good old USA. Also given that you cancelled the domestic scheduled flights from Nausori to Nadi at 60 minutes notice it indicates that your problems are not confined to the international schedule.. In fact right now Dave not many people trust you or our airline, it is for sure the the Fiji Pensioners do not, we have been around a long time and seen enough BS Artists come and go to know one when we see one.

One last bit of advice Dave, you will never be able to fix a problem if you lie to yourself (and others) about not having one.

And for the FNPF, get our $400,000,000 back before it is lost forever.