Fast Talking High Flying Dave will be kept very busy talking his way out of the latest Air Pacific disruptions, and the current question is “Does Dave have a devious plan to destroy our national airline”. Certainly the situation at Air Pacific with flight schedules and staff moral is now the worst it has ever been in Air Pacific history, and we the pensioners as the largest investor in Air Pacific (US$200,000,000) Nearly F$400,000,000 have a right to be concerned and demand answers from the very vocal minister responsible, who coincidently not only encouraged the investment, but introduced legislation to cabinet to reduce our pensions.

He should now be ensuring that we are not being taken for a ride down the road to Air Pacific insolvency by FTHF Dave. After nearly two years on the Flight Deck, FTHF Dave should be asked why mismanagement requires Air Pacific to indulge in two costly wet air chartered aircraft at the same time.

We still have disruptions to flight schedules, just ask travellers to and from Australia, ask the passengers booked on Mondays flight to Tonga.

FTHF Dave may be able to talk the talk, but clearly he cannot walk the walk.

This from Saturdays Sun
“Air Pacific has charted an aircraft from Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings to reduce flight disruptions in the Nadi – Los Angeles flights.
This is as Air Pacific’s Boeing 747-400 scheduled to undergo engine change faces further delays in Los Angeles.
Air Pacific spokesman Shane Hussein confirmed Air Pacific has brought in the chartered plane to help them carry their passengers from Nadi to Los Angeles and from Los Angeles to Nadi.
“To minimise disruptions and inconvenience to our guests, we chartered an Air Atlas aircraft to service our Los Angeles – Nadi and Nadi – Los Angeles flights, at the times advised yesterday,” he said.
The B747-400 Air Pacific aircraft that usually services the Los Angeles route has been undergoing an engine change, resulting in the chartering of the Atlas aircraft.
Air Pacific has also chartered an Air New Zealand plane to ease flight disruptions for the New Zealand to Nadi and Nadi to New Zealand route. 

Hey Dave, what happened to Qantas, they own 46%, why is it they cannot help you?

The rest of the Sun article reads like a promotional advertisement for Atlas Air, could there be commissions at stake?