Congratulations,Fijipensioners! We now own 20% of 3 Airbus Aeroplanes. This is, of course, in addition to all the rest of the stuff we own a chunk of, like that defunct resort. Recently, a Grand Old Lady was added – after her plastic surgery she will go into direct competition in with her neighbour, which we also own a chunk of. The problem is we all know that our chunks are undoubtedly the un-redeemable chunks. Do not deceive yourselves that you own something tangible which will one day provide some much needed cash. By the time that Airbus loan has been paid off we’ll be six feet under and the ‘planes will be mouldering in the Mojave. 

To reward us Silver Surfers for adding to their coffers for longer than anybody else – and adding more than anybody else – the FNPF board has decided to arbitrarily give us the chop. But never mind. We have 3 aeroplanes! So what’s to complain about?

 No travel insurance? Now look – you’d better get this straight. If the ‘plane falls out of the sky you were going to die anyway, weren’t we?

 No health insurance? Oh, for heaven’s sake! Just die, will you? And will you all, please, do it quietly with minimum fuss.

 Reduced pension? Good grief, haven’t you got the message? If it is cut and you can no longer eat and care for yourself as you once did – you will probably get sick and DIE.

 Get the point? Yeah – thanks FNPF, we get it. You are going to die anywayhopefully as soon as possible. Meanwhile, stop all this nonsense about rights to pensions, agreements, and contracts, and how the loss of income will affect your future…

 As far as the FNPF board and management are concerned we have no future!


 Remember back in 1969 Peggy Lee recorded Is That All There is? Here’s the chorus

 Is that all there is?

If that’s all there is, my friends, then let’s keep dancing,

Let’s break out the booze and have a ball,

If that’s all there is.