For over a decade, due to my age, I have had to produce a medical certificate to prove I am fit to drive and that my eyesight is in good order. On production of this certificate the LTA allows me to renew my driving license for 12 MONTHS, only after I have got my ticket from the machine and waited 40 minutes plus, while others, ( perhaps friends of the clerks ) come rushing in, jumping the queue, or even worse handing their documents to one of their “Friends” who they spot near the front.

Having finally renewed the driving license, carefully reversed my car out of the parking area, driven out to the main road, carefully avoiding the pot holes, what can I expect:

  1. While driving at the normal speed limit keeping a two car distance length from the car in front I can expect at any moment some young wanker who is allowed to renew his license for at least 5 years at a time, to overtake my car and jump into the gap and tailgate the car in front with total disregard for anyone’s safety.
    It is these same wankers who when they have an accident tell their insurance company that the car in front stopped suddenly and caused the accident, not that they themselves were driving too fast and too close.
  2. I can expect to see the driver and passengers of cars in front tossing empty packets of Bongo’s, Twisties Coke bottles lunch wrappings and other assorted crap out of the car or bus windows.
    ( My car has been hit by a Coca Cola bottle thrown out of a bus window)
  3. I can expect to be choked by excessive black diesel smoke from buses and trucks whose owners never bother to have the injectors serviced.
  4. I can expect to be driven off the road by an oncoming idiot that has overtaken 10 vehicles and is unable to push his way in.
  5. I can expect to see at least one Minivan with a Maxi Load complete with a Kamakazi driver who is intent on not only killing himself and his passengers,  but anyone who gets in his way.
  6. I can expect to be constantly blinded by headlamps set too high if I am foolish enough to drive at night.
  7. And last but not least I can expect pedestrians to leap on to the crossing with the velocity of a speeding bullet and then turn into zombies who have expended all their energy

Enough is enough, it is about time the LTA and the Police had “Q” Cars ( Unmarked cars) and the authority to stop these wankers on the spot, suspend their driving license, send them for an IQ test, get them cleaning roadside litter for a month and make passing an advanced driving test compulsory before their driving license is renewed…..(a “no bribe” pass). As for the Zombies, no doubt the wankers will get them in the end.