This Song, “There’s a Hole in The World Tonight” by The Eagles describes how this Old Man feels about the “Pandemic” that was promoted for financial gain by a few, and the destruction of a number of nations and lives of millions of families.

The promotion of “fear” by corporations, organisations for financial benefit, and government administrators who either knew no better and just went with the flow, or were corrupted by financial gain to be part of the biggest and most destructive scam in history.

It is possible that the mortality problems have increased in many nations that endorsed mandatory measures, only time will tell.

What is important, is that we should never allow this to occur again..

We are only here on this mortal plane for a very short time in the total scheme of things, we should be happy, we should not be oppressed, we should not be abused, we should know and show love and kindness to others.

Treat others as you wish to be treated yourselves, we should all use that as a standard..

Think about it please, work towards a better way to live.

Don’t let there be a “Hole in The World Tomorrow” for your children….or the children of the world….