The majority of FNPF members today have less than F$10,000 in their pension account, how can they survive retirement on an annual pension of 9% of that sum or double that sum.

The simple fact is many of them will not be able to survive.

Remember our governments reorganisation of the FNPF where they introduced decrees that permitted the breaching of pensioners legal contracts by the FNPF management. 

The result of that has worked wonders for a select few and caused extensive hardship for the majority of existing pensioners.

We are advised that one privileged member FNPF Account number 0620599 DOB: 27/04/54. Had a Total Balance as at August 2017 of F$987,485.39, this equates to an average yearly contribution and interest of F$22,964… for each of the last 43 years… Made possible by this administrations overhaul of the FNPF…. Want to guess who this account belongs to…????