“The Hon. Prime [Minister] must be mindful of the fact that the support he shares from the RFMF has been based on the belief that he will also listen to us. The fact that he ignores all advice in favour of the Attorney General has led many in the institution to belief that there is something more going on than meets the eye.

Hon. Prime [Minister] is fully aware on the 130 pages report compiled by RFMF on the Attorney General corrupt practices which was ignored and led Brid. General Driti indictment. This follows norm of the current Commanders voice of reason with the resignation of Hon. Pio Tikoduadua. The senior command stands with the Hon. Prime Minister but when the Hon. PM ignores all advice in favour of Attorney General and keeps replacing senior officers, there will come a time when you sir, will find very less loyal followers in the RFMF.

While you sir, have had a vision of equal citizenry and equality for all, these incidents and the Attorney General promotion of Muslim friends and buddies and fiddling with traditional ownership has been causing much tension with general indigenous population.  Hon. PM must be mindful of the fact and long term situation because in case something happens to you sir, we fear that innocent people will be greatly victimised because of the Attorney General racial personal hatred vendetta.”

FijiRemember when this picture was taken Frank ? it was a time of promise, a time when you had the full support of all your fellow officers.

That was before you destroyed a number of their careers because they told you the TRUTH. They did not trust your Attorney General and his vindictive nature, but at that time they did trust you…. Which proved to be their downfall.

Look around Frank, your most favoured Minister has manipulated you so that you have systematically destroyed the strongest links you had in the chain that was your strength, you are acting like a man who has been bought and paid for, will this be your legacy Frank, is this the legacy you really wanted.

You have been painted into a corner by the very person you trusted, his downfall is like everything else, inevitable, the only question is when?. Corruption should never be King, it is not too late Frank, stop having clean sweeps at the camp, take your broom where it is really needed.