Taito 2

Good Riddance, now it is time for the Chairman to go.. These men, together with the assistance of the Attorney Generals office, annulled legal contracts using a false premise that the average age of Fijians is 78 years at death.

The office of the Attorney General’s Office also drafted decree 51, which not only prevents the pensioners who were robbed taking their case to court, it also permits the FNPF management to introduce and misappropriate FNPF members funds in future, without those members having recourse through law, thereby depriving them of their basic civil rights.

They think they were smart, but in making a mockery of the basic laws of contracts, especially to the weakest sector of the population, THE ELDERLY, they have lost the trust of potential offshore investors, and a nations growth is based on trust.

This is a classic example of “TOO MANY CROOKS SPOIL THE GROWTH OF A NATION

FNPF CEO Aisake Taito is calling it quits after seven years in the position.

His decision to not extend his contract was confirmed by FNPF chairman Ajith Kodagoda yesterday.

“Mr Taito intends to move on his career and take up new challenges,” Mr Kodagoda said.

He said Mr Taito had been the CEO during very critical times of reform; leading changes to corporate directions and vision, governance of the fund and investment plans which had contributed immensely to ensuring financial stability and long-term sustainability of the fund.

“The fund will continue to engage the experience of Mr Taito whenever there is a need,” Mr Kodagoda said.

Mr Kodagoda said Mr Taito announced his decision during a staff meeting on May 1. His contract with the fund will officially end on June 30, 2015.

According to Mr Kodagoda, they would advertise the position and go through the normal process of recruiting a new CEO in due course.

During Mr Taito’s term, some of the reforms undertaken include investment rehabilitation, pension review, the review of the FNPF Act, the review of members benefits and partial withdrawals, review of contributions and collections.

Mr Taito’s stint started in 2007, at a time when FNPF’s investments were not performing well, which led to the $327million write down in value of pensioners’ savings.