Fijileaks understands that Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has torn up the rules governing the employment of staff for the political party offices in Parliament. He has now directed the Secretary-General to Parliament to pay $15,000 per member to the political parties.

The upshot of such arbitrary decision means that $480,000 will go to FFP, $225,000 to Sodelpa and $45,000 to NFP.

All rules governing staffing and conduct under civil service rules has been hurled out of the window and parties can hire any one they want and the plan is to let parties keep the surplus.

In four years FFP will have received $1.9 of taxpayers funds. The party has less cost of operating their office [only 2 staff  for 12 backbenchers) and the rest are Minsters and Assistant Ministers].

The FFP will net a surplus of $1.2 million.

Fijileaks Editor: STOP PRESS – See Letter below to Mick Beddoes that supports our contention; NFP has also received similar revocation letters for its parliamentary staff. While accusing Khaiyum of trying to render Opposition ineffective, NFP leader Biman Prasad says the S-G’s action is ILLEGAL!