ASK Bala

SHIRLEY PARK: As Local Government Minister Bala continues to hide in the ‘bushes’ from the LAW, Lautoka residents  converged on park on Saturday 10th January for “FAMILY DAY”

Its 2015 and the Chief Justice of Fiji can’t find a magistrate or even a special magistrate to hear Bala’s death by dangerous driving case!

Letter to the Editor, Fiji Times, re Shirley Park

“Your assumption Mr Mohammed Abid  (Sacramento US) that  the Lautoka ratepayers are probably barking up the wrong tree and not getting a reply to Shirley Park because “the current Minister may be the one who made the deal” may be closer to the truth than what most would like to put down in print. That version of events is an open secret here and is why I, who put that petition together and the Lautoka Residents and Ratepayers Association persist in wanting answers and  knowing that proper procedure has been followed in giving away one third of a park that has value and meaning to the people of Lautoka.

Maude Elbourne