FB Desk” The Evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones”

There can be no doubt you have done much that is good Frank, but if it is put on the scales with the evil, which will truly be remembered, the good or the evil?

You have said much in your campaigning about the good you have done and nothing about the corruption, cronyism, lack of transparency, lack of honesty and abuse of justice that has been prevalent for over six years .

Clearly you are now beginning to realise that you have been misled by your advisors, who obviously only told you what you wanted to hear. You now know that you do not have the support of 80% of the electorate.

You accuse your opposition of lying and manipulating the truth and indeed they are, but you have been doing this for almost eight years Frank, so as the old saying goes “What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander” seems to apply.

What will happen if you are no longer at the helm Frank ? ( We acknowledge you are at the helm Frank, even if someone else has been steering the ship for the past five years)  There will certainly be a high level of Muck Raking and vindictiveness. immunity from prosecution will not protect you from that Frank.

One wonders if your crew have plans to strengthen your ships rigging to weather the September storm .

In the event you survive the September storm and find yourself at the helm (as you well may) please give careful consideration to Your Legacy. It could be to your advantage to swab the decks. clear out the lockers, get a new crew and play it clean for the future. justice