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A great many disappointed subscribers to Sky Pacific pay TV, think he is acting like one.. just check out the following links to see what they are saying.


Harry Pal The reality is the Board of Fiji TV has made a mess of this situation. What a PR and publicity disaster? In today;s Fiji times, the Fox Network in their “Smart PR” have in their “smart way” are telling us ” They do not want to deal with wannabees who collectively cant run a PayTV business, from the Board to Management of Fiji TV.

Rahul Prasad You People are bloody money makers and nothing else.. Removing all the good channels with the crappy free to air channels? Where the hell did u do the customer feedback survey? were the customers even informed about this survey through any form of media?? I am a customer of Sky Pacific for the past so many years and all I get now is disappointment? Having to compromise with the television content I like? I will take this issue up to the consumer council. We will not tolerate this consumer exploitation !!!

Roneel Prakash For Television “CONTENT IS KING” and CONTENT MUST BE LEGALLY CLEARED FOR THE BROADCAST REGIONS THAT SKY PACIFIC COVERS. So you really think that the content on BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery, Home n Health, Star Plus and other were illegal……regions where sky pacific covers is the same island countries, its not that you live in a state where religious obligations ban the viewing of such channels……the way you are going….in the next “UPDATING PROCESS OF CHANNELS ON SKY PAC’ will see the free to air channels from the pacific islands that you and those who support you will see as conducive content……I CHALLENGE YOU……TAKE A REAL SURVEY……ONE WHERE YOU GET OFF YOUR SEATS AND APPROACH THE CUSTOMERS……then find out what we really think of your changes……as of this moment…….zero positive comment…….imagine what those who are not on FB would love to share one on one!!!! Where is the bloody Dislike icon/link on this Page……Shame i just had to lie to myself that i like the page…..just to bloody comment……Your choice of Entertainment idea abosolutly fill in the blank!!!!! Sky pacific is being a catalyst to the people of the islands suffering from depression…..nothing on tv that is good to come home to……I seriously wonder if FBC TV had entities to show more channels would cover……at the moment Bati ni Tanoa would out rate anything that SKY PATHETIC would have to show……once again these are my views and my suggestions………CONTENT IS KING……that coming from you guys doesnt suit………CONTENT is CARP(and you know there are more to this) is more like what you have made me to conclude!!!! Cant wait for EPL on FBC!!!!!

Akinisi Ledua https://www.facebook.com/…/Sky-Pacific…/309706102542756

We have come together as a community to complain about the management of Sky Services, who changed their channels without public consultation

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Suva Expats “For Television “CONTENT IS KING”:
For Business THE CUSTOMER IS KING!!!! NOT your product. What business school did you go to?
“Sky Pacific is confident that the new line-up is more entertaining”
What planet are you living on??? huh? Reading all the complaints about your “new line up” is more entertaing that your new programs.

“…a CHOICE TO BE ENTERTAINED, by a Pacific owned brand.”
You are kidding right? It was not your customers choice! Haven’t you heard anything your customers are saying the last few days? Or do you think if you bury yor head in the sand that it will all go away. Well somthing will go away YOUR CUSTOMERS!

“…will continue to bring the best available content to the Pacific”
What do you mean BEST AVAILABLE CONTENT. Do you seriously believe France 24 is better than the BBC? Bio is better than Discovery? They are just cheaper and far inferior and not worth paying for. And by “available” do you mean we have a choice? We have no choice. You are a monopoly.