LQ2Former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase told people of Tuilovoni in Davuilevu Housing in a SODELPA campaign meeting last night that we can never be equal no matter how hard the FijiFirst tries to have equal citizenry in Fiji.

Qarase said to about 80 people attending the campaign meeting that he believes that God has given Fiji to the Itaukei and not to any other race.

He said the reason why he wants people of other races not to be equal with the Itaukei is because of his belief that God has given the land to the forefathers of the Itaukei people.

Qarase has also come out and said that he wants Fiji to be a Christian state because christianity brought civilisation to Fiji.

He then said that some may think that this is racist but he is just worried about the future of the I-Taukei.

The former Prime Minister also claims that SODELPA is going to the blog-sites because the party believes that the media is not providing them with much coverage.

Equal citizenry is guaranteed in the 2013 constitution.

It states in the preamble that “we the people of Fiji declare that we are all Fijians united by common and equal citizenry”.

The constitution also states that all citizens of Fiji shall be known as Fijians.

It is also stated that every person has the right to freedom of religion, conscience and belief and every person has the right, either individually or in community with others, in private or in public, to manifest and practise their religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching.