BP PassWe suppose it was to be expected, after all the name Fiji First Party was filched in a way, since it had been registered before, and so it seems that it is flexible in the general standards of its officials,

Frank should know better as a naval man, particularly as a Rear Admiral, than to leave himself, and his party, open to broadside volleys.

He has been more than flexible in allowing his favoured media outlets to breach decrees that his administration has imposed, so his party VP may have thought it acceptable not to disclose embarrassing information.  

Could it be Frank, that some of your trusted advisors are treating you like a mushroom, keeping you in the dark and feeding you fertiliser just to keep you happy. ???

Look around Frank, the information is everywhere, check out the following links they all make interesting reading.

Finally Frank consider the old saying “One cannot build castles on shifting (or shifty) sands.

Check out these links Frank:




Now is the time to take that Huge Leap Forward and become transparent in all the administration does, not after the elections, NOW.