Minister for TradeSilence is not golden; it leads to rumours and conjecture.

The Attorney General (who is undoubtedly the most powerful individual in Fiji ) has chosen to draw the normal veil of secrecy over anything that goes wrong in one of his Ministry’s, and so the rumours start. 

He is the current Minister responsible for all public owned organisations that have an obligation to investigate and report on the landing in Sydney resulting in the damage and subsequent events and actions relating to the Fiji Airways Airbus A330-200 registration DQ-FJV.

The three organisations involved Fiji Airways, Civil Aviation Authority Fiji and Airports Fiji Ltd, all report to the Attorney General and are under his control. 

Now is the time for the Prime Minister to place the Civil Aviation Authority Fiji under the control of the Minister for Transport, and place Airports Fiji Ltd. and Fiji Airways under other ministers.

The Prime Minister is ultimately responsible for the total lack of transparency in this and other matters, it is because he gave so much power and responsibility to one person there are no longer any checks and balances.

Matters as serious as this Fiji Airways Airbus A330-200 incident should not be swept under the carpet.

There are obviously major shortcomings in Fiji Airways Standard Operating Procedures if this aircraft was allowed to fly after such a serious incident. What other risks do we face travelling on Fiji Airways if their Standard Operating Procedures are this inadequate?

The rumours are:

  1.  A wing spar sustained damage
  2.  The aircraft needs to be returned to France for repairs
  3.  It may be more economical to write the aircraft off.
  4. That it is costing Fiji Airways a small fortune in interest every day it is not in use
  5. That the insurance underwriters may not accept liability for the millions it will cost to repair.