Fast Talking High Flying David PfliegerFat Dave-Pflieger-s2

Fiji Airways new Managing Director and CEO Stefan Pichler recently stated to the media that Fiji Airways had lost millions of dollars due to failing to keep to scheduled flights in the early to mid part of 2013 AFTER TAKING DELIVERY OF AIRBUS AIRCRAFT.

He further stated that Air Pacific had spent millions of dollars on consultants during the past three years. ( Friends and associates of Dave Pflieger?)

Coincidentally that was the period that the Attorney General sang David Pfliegers praises and danced to whatever tune he whistled.

Was the Attorney General Pfooled by David PFlieger?, it is a safe bet he was, will he ever admit it?, NEVER.

Did Fiji NEED to BUY the Airbus aircraft?, of course not, there are plenty available for leasing.

Did we need replacement aircraft?, YES, but it would have made much more economic sense to use Boeing Aircraft since all our pilots are familiar with them.

The fact that seems to have been ignored is that Fiji Airways / Air Pacific belongs to the People of Fiji and Qantas, it is not a toy for the Attorney General to play with and he should be accountable to the people and the courts of Fiji for his incompetence..
Oh dear, we forgot, he has given himself total immunity..