VFBLand should be utilized so that landowners reap the benefits and grow the economy.
Prime Minister and Chairman of TLTB Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made the comments to participants of TLTB’s Annual Strategic Corporation Planning workshop on how TLTB can focus better on its core role as the trustee for all iTaukei landowners.
Commodore Bainimarama said TLTB needs to change its approach to leasing of land, and to the management of tenants and potential tenants and the landowners.
He said TLTB must position itself in the context of the new constitution to ensure that iTaukei land can no longer be converted and sold as freehold land.
He also highlighted the owners of customary land and customary fishing ground are entitled to receive a fair share of the royalty with respect to any minerals extracted from their customary land and fishing ground.
He said individual members of registered landowning units receive equal distribution of shares of all income generated from iTaukei land.
He said all mataqali members must have equal access and benefit from the mataqali land lease.
He said no law must diminish those rights and interests and also lessees and tenants have the right not to have their leases and tenancies illegally terminated.