Clearly the EU cannot trust an administration that will breach basic contractual laws to steal money from their own Pensioners.

Marcus C“The Deputy Director General of Europeaid Marcus Cornaro maintains that the 4 million Euros will be channeled through the Australia Pacific Technical College for the training of Fijians connected with the sugarcane industry. “
Questions have been raised on why the EU has decided to have this partnership with Australia.

Cornaro maintains that it is just about efficiencies in how the aid will be used.

“Commodore Bainimarama said the government believes that if the European Commission is genuine about development and assistance, it must reconsider its association with Australia Pacific Technical College and work with organizations such as the Fiji National University and the government to achieve the best results for all Fijians.”

Obviously Frank you do not count the existing FNPF Pensioners amongst the Fijians you refer to.