trust agEvery time Frank is out of the country the Attorney General becomes Acting Prime Minister and by his own implication becomes Government.

In this latest fiasco he really believes he can dictate to world sporting bodies and international organisations that control video audio line feed. The man appears power mad. When he spouts “Government has decided” It means HE has decided.

He has now decided (probably at the behest of his “Little Brother” ) that an independent broadcaster who has successfully made a bid, based on advertising revenue, and as a result has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for the IRB 7’s series, Rugby League World Cup. Super Rugby, Rugby Championships and the next Rugby World Cup tournament, MUST according to this man, share these exclusive rights with his Little Brother and other competitors. Clearly he has no concept of the word EXCLUSIVE.

He is sufficiently arrogant or could it be ignorant?, to think that international providers will take note of his instruction to accept a combined bid from all parties, totally disregarding the fact that it sets a precedent that would destroy the international bidding process.

We have no problem with the international organisers of events telling him to “ F Off”, what we do have a problem with is that the end result of this disastrous decision will be that the people of Fiji will not see major world events because the international providers will refuse to dance to the Fiji Attorney Generals tune. 

Message for the Prime Minister (who we think is really doing a good job)

Frank if in the 2014 Elections a vote for you is a vote for this man, a great many of us will not be voting for you…sorry.

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