yashThe Yash Ghai Draft Constitution was flawed, and so is the Attorney Generals Draft Constitution.

The Yash Ghai draft was to have been submitted to a Constituent Assembly who could have corrected the anomalies and made recommendations to government. 

The administration did not accept this procedure; they then chose to draw up a constitution that in the event it is altered must have the approval of 75% of the electorate.

Surely it follows that the Attorney Generals initial draft should have the support of 75% of the electorate before becoming the established Constitution of the Nation.

Give the public a choice, very simple, ask the electorate which one they prefer. Whichever one gets at  least 51% of the vote then goes before a Constituent Assembly. Take another 6 months… Get it right 

The truth is the Attorney Generals draft is being rammed down the throats of the people of Fiji, who are being advised they can make written submissions, but no one has said who will review those submissions, and whether or not they will be catalogued or considered.

A very shaky start, for a new constitution that we should all be able to build a secure future on.