RickmanAttorney General & Minister for Justice

Hon: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

Fax 3310807

The Facts

1 The FNPF is currently withholding $154,440 net of interest, of my money. (saved over a period of 20+ years which should have accrued interest)

2 My current FNPF pension payment is $3.34 per month or $40.08 per annum

3. I would have to live in excess of another 3,600 years to exhaust my monies currently held by FNPF, since I am in my 79th year now, the odds of that seems rather short.

4. I have asked the FNPF to refund/return the money and have had no response.

5. You as the Attorney General and Minister for Justice introduced a decree that permitted FNPF to breach basic contractual laws. Notwithstanding that, at the time of your decree these monies were part of a contract that the FNPF had not fulfilled, hence they should be returned to me.

6. We requested you to investigate this matter, but at the time of writing we have had no response from you.

7. We again seek justice from you in your capacity as Minister for Justice, and suggest the following compromise.

These monies that were paid to the FNPF in order that my wife should receive a pension after my death, should now refunded in full and be put into a trust fund controlled by a bank (not the FNPF) to be paid to my wife upon my death. Taxes to be paid to the Government on any interest earned.

It would be a sad day for the people of Fiji, if you now applied all your legal skills to defraud my wife of a pension that has already been paid for.

I await your response


R T Rickman