LQThere have been a great many adverse comments made about the number of Ministerial salaries being paid to Frank and his right hand man. And whilst one has to agree it is more than a little on the nose (stinks) and under the counter (hidden from the public) so to speak, we should carefully consider who created the opportunity for them to do this.

Many years ago Sir Ratu Kamisese Mara managed the govern our country with 16 or less Cabinet Ministers. 

Then along came Laisenia Qarase who not only had a Cabinet larger than Australia or New Zealand had ever had, he even created ministerial positions for his friends who had been jailed for criminal offences and accumulated over 30 ministerial positions.

It is not unusual for a Minister in any Government to hold more than one portfolio, after all it is the Permanent Secretaries who do the work and carry the burden of responsibility when things go wrong, but it is unusual for those Ministers to receive multiple salaries.

Of course the bottom line is that all the major players here are equally guilty even though Laisenia Qarase started the rot.

We know that Frank and his Friend can Talk the Talk, but it is time they did the honourable thing and Walked the Walk