DF2Rumours are rife that Dave will be joining Silver Airways, a restructured airline operating small aircraft, Beechcraft and Saab from Florida. (It was previously Gulfstream International Airlines )

If true, perhaps he is looking to his future  and  has aspirations of convincing them to buy a few Airbus Aircraft. We wonder whose pension fund he will raid next.???

Click on the following link to read a detailed report of the current state of Air Pacific:

FJ – Was Pflieger Pushed or did he Jump

Anonymous said…

Can someone publish the email address of Matthew Ray, Chairman of Silver Airways? Dave, the man with the silver tongue, has invented his own version of greatness and it needs correcting by people who really know Mr. Pilferer. The guy is a psychopath and compulsive liar. 
Silver has small regional aircraft and they hired Dave whose spiteful incompetence led to the disastrous Twin Otter acquisition. He dragged out the replacement decision Jimmy Sampson, the GM made for way too long and then rushed and bought the 2 crappy Otter without industry standard due diligence. Now we have the half wrecks and are wasting millions rebuilding them. Of course Dave publically put all the blame on Jimmy and fired him. And then put lawyers on him when others escaped the repressive Dave regime and joined him at airlines PNG. He enjoys screwing people. But easy to do in our dictatorship. Sick guy. 
Rather the dealing with the AP unions, he spent several hundred thousand on US layers to write a repressive essential employees decree and got his keeper. Frank’s strongman the AG to simply passed it as a decree. 
He systematically fired core leaders and replaced them with yes men (and woman). He needs constant worshiping of the great Dave and since competent people have too little time for that, he puts in weak yes men. 
His farewell letter by the board, every word written by Dave, twists the truth beyond recognition. He is an impressive boldfaced liar. 
Mr. Ray praises Dave for his people skills and empathy!!! Dave played him like a fiddle. He is quite an impressive performer when he wants something. I feel for the Silver people. God have mercy on them, Dave will not. 
Now let’s clean shop and send his useless lackey consultants packing with him. He’ll be lonely at Silver otherwise. 

Matthew Ray’s Email address is : mray@vpcadvisors.com