FNPF pensioners who lost out with the Regime’s illegal restructuring of the FNPF pensions might note that Yash Ghai Commission’s Draft Constitution states in Schedule 6 (Transition Arrangements), Clause 24: Judicial proceedings and other pending matters


“(1) Any proceedings before any court, tribunal or commission that had arisen under any law and that had been terminated by order at any time before the General Effective Date, are revived and may be proceeded with under this Constitution”.

I presume this also applies to the Burness/Shameem case.

FNPF pensioners who lost out may wish to go to the Constituent Assembly or influence those persons who are appointed to it, to press for this clause to be retained in the Draft Constitution.

This will no doubt be totally futile, but at least the pensioners can go on record.

Professor Wadan Narsey