The very fact that the bridge was even considered is mind boggling,  when a fraction of the cost of the bridge could have built a network of essential roads throughout the country.

This is totally indicative of how inane an administration can become.

PLANS for the construction of a bridge to connect Vanua Levu to Viti Levu have been cancelled.

Divisional planning officer north Alipate Bolalevu confirmed the plans had been dropped after considering a number of factors surrounding the project.

The initial plan was to build a bridge from Viti Levu to Vanua Levu from the end of Bua to one part of Ra.

“A few things that made the project unsuccessful was the depth of the sea along the proposed stretch for the construction — which is very deep indeed,” Mr Bolalevu said.

“On the other hand we also considered the vast effect that the construction of such a bridge would have on the maritime islands and the shipping businesses taking into mind the small businesses that survive on transportation by sea.

“The proposed 60-kilometre bridge was also seen to be a very expensive project.”

Mr Bolalevu said a team from China which was in Vanua Levu to look into the proposed project and its location had returned to their country.

“They were supposed to return this year but so far we have not heard anything from them,” he said.