Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama (Call me Frank), did all the right things.

As cyclone Evan warnings came in, he made a personal appeal to every citizen of Fiji to heed the warnings and be responsible in their actions.

After the cyclone had torn through Fiji, he donned his $600 army boots plus a red cap and went out to see and assess the degree of damage for himself, and in keeping with his normal style did it the hard way by covering a great deal of the area on foot, meeting poor people who had lost everything. In addition he authorised the immediate use of the RFMF and prisoners to participate in the clean up of debris. These actions make him unique amongst Fiji’s Prime Ministers.

On the other side of the coin (we no longer have heads and tails) the Minister for Most Things opted to restrict his participation to joy riding in the helicopter that was sent to outer islands and inaccessible areas to review the damage and needs of the poor people who were hit so badly. We can only hope that he and his accomplice took time to present an accurate written report on the needs of the people on his return.

WELL DONE FRANK, as for the Minister for Most Things, it would be better if you did not make personal photo opportunities out of poor peoples misfortunes.