The following article published overseas was sent to us by a supporter in Africa.

This article highlights the probably underrated achievements of Professor Yash Ghai and no doubt the good professor has many constitutions under his belt, as the article points out.

However one paragraph needs correction.

On page 3 at paragraph 4 Professor Ghai is quoted as saying in reference to 2000 events in Fiji:  ‘The government, which won the elections was also overthrown, with some assistance from the army, and I assisted in the litigation which challenged the coup. We won, about the only time a sitting government has been replaced through a court decision’

However, Fijipensioners was informed by the lawyer who instigated and saw through the Chandrka Prasad case to the end, including by recruiting lawyers George Williams, Geoffrey Robertson and Grant Illingworth for various stages of  the court case, that Professor Ghai was not involved in the litigation at all.

Read the full article with Ghai’s false claim by clicking the following link: