Stop the fluoridation of water

I WAS sorry to read in The Fiji Times Online (21/9) that Fiji is continuing with its water fluoridation program, despite it being completely discredited in most of the world as unethical, unscientific, costly ($1 million will be a drop in the ocean) and worst of all, injurious to the health.

Harvard Medical School researchers recently published a paper (Environmental Health Perspectives 20 July 2012) demonstrating a loss of an average 7 IQ points by children up to age 14 in fluoridated communities.

The loss is greater among poorer communities with lower nutritional standards.

I don’t believe anyone could deny the credibility of this university.

Other proven consequences include kidney disease, iodine deficiency leading to hyperthyroidism and brittle bones.

On top of all this, any benefit to the teeth in reducing cavities is statistically insignificant and more that offset by fluorosis staining and mottling the teeth. Please stop this program now and get your $1 million back.


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