2014 is rapidly approaching; this will be one of our most important elections especially for Fiji Pensioners. Fiji pensioners can make, or break, any political party by using their vote collectively. 

Every politician will promise anything to get into power, we need to use our votes to put effective people into power who can really do something for the pensioners, there is no point in voting for politicians who either acted against pensioners in the past or are too weak or corrupt to concern themselves with pensioners in the future.

As a Pensioner or potential pensioner you are a member of the largest voting block in our country, it is time to show the “would be politicians” that we are not weak, not stupid and will not be trampled on or bulldozed by bullshit.

Do not waste your vote, get together with other pensioners NOW, discuss your problems, start planning and act together for the betterment of the aged of our Nation.

Collectively we are powerful, even though as aged individuals we may be weak.

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