Fast Talking High Flying Dave has got the support of the Air Pacific Board and the Fiji Government to agree to renaming the airline what it was named 42 years ago Fiji Airways.
Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Well unless FTHF Dave lifts his game the name change will not mean a thing. Heaven forbid it might even reflect badly on everything Fiji
With total mismanagement, FTHF Dave has promised much and delivered little, the airline has not been keeping to promised schedules, has demoralised staff, has pre-packed cardboard carton meals that clearly FTHF Dave has not been eating himself.. (getting to be a Fat Cat Dave), have all contributed to the downturn of Air Pacific. (read our previous posts before the name change was suggested, it was obvious to everyone who travelled)

Prior to receiving the new aircraft ( which research exercises have shown will not be able to handle Fiji’s essential cargo exports ), FTHF and getting FAT Dave, must lift the airlines standards and prove that the airline can be dependable by showing good management and not making promises he is incapable of keeping. Otherwise he should make the new name “PIE IN THE SKY”