The delayed payout by Fiji National Provident Fund to pensioners on Friday has been labeled as outrageous and shameful by a Former Opposition Leader.

Mick Beddoes said that this latest delay was not the first that expecting pensioners have had to endure waiting for their payout and that it will do nothing to improve the lack of trust that people have for FNPF.

It goes far beyond shameful, Aisake Taito has been erratic and incompetent since he took control as CEO of our pension funds. Firstly he stated that the changes would take place over five years, then he changed his tune, and has kept changing it ever since. There is no TRUST in the FNPF any longer, Taito’s word is worth less than a cup full of cold water, as a result of this, all trust in the FNPF is gone, and if this man continues to mismanage the fund, the end result is inevitable, the fund will collapse. Why is Frank doing nothing about this ??