How ironic that Tevita Nagataleka should respond immediately to my letter regarding government borrowings from FNPF (FT 22/12), and has even invited me to meet with him to clarify my concerns regarding the above, yet the Chairman of FNPF Board has not had the courtesy of responding nor even acknowledging correspondence directed to him from various pensioners over a period of time it’s as if we do not exist!

It appears that FNPF are selective when it comes to answering questions, a good example being those that were posed by various pensioners to FNPF during the public meetings that were held with regard to products and options being offered, following FNPF advising of their intention to cut our pensions.

In some instances, the security guards endeavoured to take microphones away, some pensioners were merely ignored and fobbed off, while others were met by a wall of stony silence. So Mr Nagataleka, thanks but no thanks to your invitation.

There is no transparency in either the former FNPF Act nor the present 2011 FNPF Decree. Neither is there transparency in the processes that go through the Reserve Bank of Fiji. Why are there restrictions on offshore investments?

More smoke, and more mirrors?

And, according to an article several weeks back in the local newspapers, the FNPF Board maintains that they own the FNPF and not the members. Now how did that happen and since when? Is it not members’ funds and how and why do they not have a say?

The FNPF continues to reiterate and emphasise in their recent full page advertisement, that pensioners live longer than the population at large. Says who and what type of objectionable attitude is this against senior citizens? The pensions that we are receiving are by contract that is all we expect nothing more, nothing less and it now appears that FNPF fooled all of us into buying into this scheme under false pretences, by now making it null and void.